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Our crews will get any residential, agricultural, or commercial site cleared accurately, resourcefully, and safely, including removing any materials and vegetation. We’ll also salvage logs from clearing jobs and haul to saw mills and pulpwood, facilities, brush, and stumps. These materials can be ground for mulch and repurposed for an environmentally-friendly solution.

Container Rentals

Did you know? We can provide 20, 30, and 40-yard containers for construction and demolition debris such as concrete, wood, metal, and more. Give us a call for pricing on different sizes and we’ll get you the right container for the job. 


Sites that require demolition can present their own challenges, but that’s where we come in, crushing material on site with our Crusher to break down brick, concrete, asphalt, and more. These existing materials are recycled and used as fill and sub-base material, reducing waste significantly and providing cost-effective opportunities for our customers. Whether it’s existing structures and foundations or trickier utilities beneath the surface, we’ll approach each demo project efficiently and with the greatest attention to safety.

Excavating & Mass Grading

We take a lot of pride in completing mass grading projects that focus on seeing the project through in a timely and cost-effective manner. After careful evaluation from our seasoned crews, our mass grading and excavating services are undertaken with great care. Our crews plan carefully with the project owners, and our skilled operators are ready to undertake excavating jobs both large and small. Your developments, shopping centers, quarry mines, mine stripping (MSHA certified crews), buildings, waterways and other undertakings will benefit from our skilled team and our wide variety of equipment for every stage. We’re proud to provide Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology on our excavating equipment so we can locate our points and set grade stakes, making our mass grading process consistent and accurate. This accuracy and attention to detail means our customers save money and the project will move along exactly as it should.

Fine Grading

Fine grading is an important pre-paving step for development lots, and building pads for agricultural and commercial structures. With our graders and motor graders, dozers, and GPS, our crews will put the time, effort, and pride into the process.  We’ll work closely with owners and developers to ensure that streets and roads are going to stand the test of time.


Our customers can count on us for their commercial streets and roads needs, including new paving and overlays. We will not only meet but also exceed the specifications for the job, using the latest technology, skilled employees, and dedication and pride.

Rock Crushing

Rock crushing helps us use materials (rock, concrete, and asphalt) on site that will save you cost and increase production. We screen material before and after crushing and have the ability to make different product sizes (#2s, CR-6, etc.).

Snow Removal

Winter can be tough on a community, so we’re happy to help hauling the snow away during big storms. Our snow removal team will work hard to clear away the snow with reliable equipment and salt in the bulk quantities you need in parking lots and commercial and industrial locations.

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“In my professional opinion, Wastler & Son, Inc. is a top-notch contractor. Work is done on time and on budget. Any problems that arise are addressed swiftly and with professionalism. I would recommend them to anyone who asks and would have no hesitation working with them again.”
— J. R. Hawkins, PE, CIP Project Manager, Town of Middletown, MD